Prisoner 5,769,450

Here I sit in my cage. Birthed by the boom. Enslaved by the same. Staring down a future in which The sins of my ancestors Against Mother Nature Will be my punishment to bear. And/or my children's. When She can bear no more. Dare I ask for leniency in the Face of staggering greed And … Continue reading Prisoner 5,769,450

Ripping Up the Bro Code

Love can be complicated. But one thing's for sure. If someone confides in you about being heartbroken over a girl, then you pursue said girl, you're not just an arsehole. You're a piece of shit. There's a special circle of hell awaiting you. Of course, I don't believe in a literal hell. Or heaven. I … Continue reading Ripping Up the Bro Code


She didn't have to love me. It made sense Under the circumstances That my feelings were More advanced. But I know there was a Soft spot in her heart for me. I could feel it Between us: An unspoken, love connection. And I feel it still. Yet in effect it is broken. (As is my … Continue reading Regret


Speck of dust in an infinitely Vast, infinitely Lasting universe. I am. Sinking beneath the sheets drowning But not dying. But dying. But wanting to live without Simply being alive. I cry, when at least I'm fragile. Now, numb. The dictionary has blank pages. Words exist meaninglessly. Why couldn't she love me. Why him. There's … Continue reading Loneliness


She wasn't exactly the woman I thought she was. Maybe My love for her was rose tinted. Maybe She wasn't too good for the bastard who dogged me. Maybe I'm better off without her. Maybe. Maybe. Maybe. But I still love her. And I always will. No maybes about it.


It's ok to talk about other people. That's what humans do, autistic or not. We're social creatures. Literally society is made up of people, and the links between them involve common ground and differences and people we know and don't know. When talking about other people, it's important to be well-intentioned and discrete but honest. … Continue reading Gossip