Probably I will never See her again, but If there is the slightest Chance, opportunity to Have her heart I Will take it. I will grasp it With both hands and Never let go. The winds of time will End my life and Decompose my body But remaining standing For eternity will be Me. My … Continue reading Seizure


I don't fall in love too easily. In fact my type seems to be quite rare. But boy, when I fall in love, do I fall hard. Lo-fi will always remind me of her.

Moving On Up

People are saying I should Forget about you. Move on. But they're fools. I have an enormous heart. And a powerful mind. There's room inside both of Them, for you. Whether I see you again Or not. And if I am doomed to Scream at an uncaring Universe, for the rest of my days. Tortured … Continue reading Moving On Up


Beyond love. Happiness. Purpose. She made me feel Me. More like me Than I've ever felt. Or felt since. And I miss that. I miss feeling truly me. And of course for That reason and So many others: I miss her. Every day. All day. Her.


Can you write something like that about a person, then turn your back on them. Could I have done anything so unforgivable that you could abandon me. Could I feel so loved by you, yet apparently not be at all. I can live the rest of my life without you. But I don't want to. … Continue reading How