There’s All Kinds of Pain

Ones that make you cry. Ones that make you scream. Ones that make you feel like You're in one hell of a bad dream. But there's one they don't tell you about. One you don't see on TV. Or in movies. Or books. It's not just a pain. It is pain. Total pain. All over … Continue reading There’s All Kinds of Pain

It’s So Sad

She's been with that lying bastard For two years, now. She gave up a man who Genuinely loves her. Who always told her the truth. Even if she didn't like it. And it's inevitable That one day She will discover what Dishonest men do. And she'll probably want to be Alone. But I hope she … Continue reading It’s So Sad

Evening Sadness

I'm starting to feel it again. Not sure why, besides the obvious. I guess that's life. It sounds so cliched. But existence is suffering. No matter how much we have To be grateful for: there's always Disappointment Disinterest Dissatisfaction. And sometimes sadness For no apparent reason at all. I think, for me What will always … Continue reading Evening Sadness