Y'know what? I keep telling myself things are getting better. That I'm becoming happier. But the truth is I'm sick to fucking death of being treated like goddamn rubbish by people and I am permanently filled with both rage and misery on account of the fact that it's inevitable that I am going to keep … Continue reading Injustice


One thing I've learned about neurotypicals is they'll sometimes say something that might, or might not be their genuine opinion that is nevertheless objectively untrue. They do this to autists and other NTs in order to establish power and control over them. Or they're just crazy/dumb. It's frustrating, but there's not a lot anyone can … Continue reading Neurotypicals


I dove into the putrid waters of my existence. The mould and hate pressed firm against me Suffocating me and I swam deeper. Held my breath, my hope. I descended through dreams Petty dreams, and the water cleared As if the sun had sunk to the sea-bed. There I found true happiness. A place where … Continue reading She