Hope 2

I'm so scared of hope. Seems a dangerous thing to Cling to but cling to Something we must and In order to live we must Love. What better purpose for hope. No, what other purpose. The sun wheels over my Head unrelentingly hot And reminds me of my Frailty - skin, muscle, bones But an … Continue reading Hope 2


Fills me. Too many stimulants today. Still, I feel it's rooted in a Reality I can't quite perceive. Distant - like her. And honestly that's what I'm anxious about. So many reasons to be Anxious. Well, one. Agonising love. Under the circumstances. Belief is not something I Like to indulge in but I Must believe … Continue reading Anxiety


Burns, everything Alive, dying, dead, inside Our minds, souls, but Not our hearts united Through the adversity of Our circumstantial hell. Running under everything. Subterranean strength. I, love, you. Always will. So burn, baby. Burn, so bright You blind those who Can't handle your heat And won't, like me When the smoke Finally clears: Be … Continue reading Addiction