My Foolish Heart

It fell for another so Worthy of love. But trapped by a mind and body So tortured as to not know it. Tragedy so painful. The pain never ends. My heart yearns for hers still. But she is so distant. It was her choice. Whatever it is that I did wrong I wish that I … Continue reading My Foolish Heart

I Love Her

And I have to believe she Will come back to me. That she will reflect on what Happened between us. On how things went wrong. There is nothing more Important to me than love. And there is no-one I love more Than Her. I know she felt the same way. The connection was between us. … Continue reading I Love Her

I Still Love Cats

Apparently "Princeton" (never was a fan of royalty) didn't want to be picked up. Both paws on neck, and bit a chunk out of my head like it was an apple. Post traumatic stress for days 😔 But all good now.