Dinosaurs won’t be dictated their sexuality

Asexuality revealed itself to me last night.  It’s amazing how long it took for me to find something that by its very definition is about as complicated as sitting on the couch.  Which funnily enough was what I was doing when I learned of the sexual non-predilection.

As much as I’d never, contradictorily, desire asexuality it’s an appealing concept for at least one reason.  It requires absolutely no effort.  In fact while sitting on the couch next to my male neighbour after the footy had finished and watching the British television program about sexuality, I realised something.  I’m asexual, right now.  In fact I also am as I’m writing this, unless you’d like to argue writing about sexuality is a sexual act.

Apparently one per cent of Brits are asexual.  Do you think there’s some out there who adopt it flexibly?  As in: you’re walking down the street, entering a bar, having a drink, speaking to an attractive female or male and even beginning to touch each other or kiss.  You’re still asexual, right?  But then you get into bed with each other and bump uglies.  Sexual.  Flexasexuality?  It was interesting watching an asexual couple during the show – touching and flirting and kissing but never, ever, ever will they have sex.  Apparently.  Fascinating.

There might be an evolutionary development in these one per centers.  I remember watching the movie Jurassic Park and one of the scientists mentioning all the dinosaurs in the island zoo were female so as to avoid un-controlled breeding.  Of course puzzling eggs were discovered.  The quote which explained this phenomenon in highly scientific Hollywood script-speak was: ‘Life will find a way.’  Based on this if your motivation for asexuality is a fear of pregnancy, then watch out.  Though you might be ok as long as you’re not a dinosaur.

Obviously the asexual woman concentrated on during this program said people had asked her ‘How do you know you’re asexual if you’ve never had sex?’  Clearly this question was about as relevant as asking a Chinese man if he’s sure he’s not Sri Lankan because he’s never tried, as the woman was an asexual.  Not a bloody flexasexual.  She should have responded by saying ‘I’m pregnant’, to which the original questioner would reply ‘But you’re not a dinosaur’.


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