Privilege a photographic plus for us plebs

THE Simpsons occurred to me when I first laid eyes on  There’s a scene in which Bart tries to steal some friends from his sister Lisa by skateboarding superhumanly well – at one stage while skimming across a fountain – near them.  They dismiss him as having tried too hard.  And he blames their rejection of him on the fact they must have seen his nerdy friend Milhouse, who was hiding in the bushes.

Anyway, the point is it’s reasonable to say the overly-tanned, gym-addicted, barely-dressed and on-a-boat-and-proud-of-it people featured in the website’s photos are trying too hard.  And hard to say whether they’d blame their nerdy friend hiding out-of-frame – but not necessarily in the bushes – for their overexertion.  Some of them might want to.  It’s entirely possible nerds out there are of the opinion that revenge is a dish best served humorously and are scouring wealthy eastern-suburbans’ photos for giggle-worthy Tumblr fodder.

The above paragraph should be balanced by raising the point that it’s unfair to assume these people are wealthy.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that.  Whether rich or not they’re obviously conscious of post-GFC Australia and are ensuring the economy keeps ticking over through excessively-purchasing alcohol, accessories, fake-tan/solarium time, gym memberships and boat charters, if not the boats themselves.  Thanks to our vengeful nerds these things are also being further advertised.  Or undermined.  I can’t remember.  But there’s so many unknowns on this thing called The Net that has taken over our lives.  Suspicion grows, when you scroll down this photographic museum of modern excess, that many people featured in the photos have actually submitted them.

It’s got to be pretty cringe-worthy for even the many people scrolling through who don’t feature on it.  Have I ever done disco arms?  Am I a photo duck-face?  Does the fact I spend two-hours of each day lifting weights justify the fact I hardly ever wear a shirt?  I mean, you’re more likely to be an eastern-suburban with serious privileged problems if you’re in these photos.  But putting your arm up in the air, being well-tanned, wearing a bee costume (for some reason) and sitting on a boat while surrounded by a sun-dappled Sydney Harbour are not exclusive domains of the rich.  Unless you partake in all of them at once.  Only the rich would be that ostentatious.

It’s vital in almost all cases not to take this photo-blog too seriously, unless you’re unwittingly featured in the photos and take offence to it.  In which case just send them an email and they’ll probably take the photo down.  And if they don’t?  You’re over-privileged, so just throw money at a legal team to make the problem go away.  For the rest of us it’s quite literally a hilarious snapshot of moments in the lives of people who probably have too much money, often while also too young.  There’s a satirical song by Brisbane-based band Ball Park Music called Rich People Are Stupid.  Trust me: if you listen to it while scrolling through, you’ll feel “mighty fine” too.


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