I haven’t written poetry in a while.  Below is what is known as a narrative poem, in that it doesn’t necessarily rhyme and instead focuses on telling a story – albeit perhaps in an abstract, interpretive way.  Maybe I’ll pick up writing poetry again.  Maybe I’ll post my old ones.  Maybe not.  To this day, as during university, I’m really not sure what the difference is between a good narrative poem and a bad.  Probably the popularity of the author among her/his writing community.  Either way, I won’t be posting all of them to Facebook.  So don’t despair:


Alighting from the train of life,

You stepped right on my heart.

A timid step, a fragile muscle;

Shocked by its own weakness.

I lay there gasping on the concrete,

As you walked away oblivious.

Exploring the inner-workings of my world,

Dragging yours behind on wheels.


You were not there to see me,

Nor I there to visit you.

Yet together we were,

Not near, not far, but still, we.

Thrust by a gust of fateful wind,

Into each others’ minds.

But to this day I fear I do,

Yours heeded less than mine.

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