Australia’s Rewind to 2008

What is with those fighter planes? Are we gearing up for war? Is there an arms race happening? Is the image of Abbott smiling and thumbing up from a cockpit going to come back to haunt us as the same plane dogfights over the South China Sea (or closer to home)? Jesus! When are we going to get past giving disproportionate power to sabre-rattling morons?

And on indulgence, I can’t help but find such dire economic forecasts for such a wealthy nation as ours to be so incongruous as to be hypocritical. To link it to the jets, it’s almost as if we’re being slowly prepared for war rashioning. There’s something very sickening about the news of 58 (58!?) new warplanes coming on the Anzac long weekend. Have we fallen so much in love with our sacrificial past that we’re licking our collective lips at the prospect of doing it all over again with shinier and more devastating war machines?

And if one person reading this even thinks about blaming the former Labor government for the budget debt/deficit, if I could know I would spit in disgust. Rudd took over the budget just as the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression took hold. It’s a miracle ours was one of the few share market gambling obsessed nations which didn’t enter into a recession – thanks to the government pumping money back into our own country, instead of into war machines designed to kill citizens of other nations.


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