A Phlog Poem for Mum

How dare I give you this ode,
When you fought to give me life.
I flounder in existence, trying to find,
Meaning beyond selfishness to justify.
You watch me always, fascinated, proud,
The fruit of your loins should gasp free.
I wonder, and wander, blind without you.
Blind within your care, which outside disregards.
Over my shoulder I check for your approval.
And then callously spurn it at my youthful peril.
But you forgive every selfish shame and triumph.
Stronger but shorter-lived than an ocean-side cliff.
Against the battering waves,
Of the fragility of your creation,
You stand stunned but smiling,
Enduring every heartening heartbreak.
As I wander you soar the skies,
Alert to predators of the wild.
When you land the last time,
When your walls cease resistance,
Would that I’ve learned your lessons,
And taken under my wing your love,
That with every breath I might pass it,
Long after your lungs have silenced,
To those whose care I’ve inherited.

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