The Cold South Wind

While the cold south wind blew,
I sat alone outside and you.

You did not what I could know,
Just as I see not birth of snow.
Your entire life’s a mystery,
And if I could but find the key.
I would throw it in a deep hole,
Unlocking you is not my goal.

Instead it is surely to learn,
What good graces I might earn.
From you dearest bella mia,
At the risk of my warm tear.
If it should slide down my cheek,
Would you in time surely speak.

Before it becomes airborne found,
And splashes pained upon the ground.
If so I would not again weep,
Until I had failed to you keep.
Keep you by my loving side,
Because of life’s own high tide.

An ebb and flow that had taken you,
Where the cold south wind never blew.

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