Art of the Floating Crap

The poor bastard.  I get it now.  He’s in over his head.  He realised not all that long ago he was nothing but a brand.  Otherwise useless to anyone but himself.  So he ran with it.  He put his name on everything he could.  And in the superficial morass the late-capitalistic USA has become, it served him well.  Money fell out of people’s pockets and, seemingly, the sky.  Of course whenever he tried to do something entirely unfeasible, his brand failed.  Brand power can only twist reality, not outright destroy it.  But he held true to the brand because he knew he was on to a long-term winner that would serve him well until his death.  Not that it would do his reputation, among from his closest friends and family to the most distant cave-dweller remotely aware of him, much good.  But it was never about reputation.  It was about money.  And power.  And both.  And he was and is and always will be insatiable.

Now, he’s the President of the United States of America.  This was not intended.  He figured he’d run in the primaries.  It would improve his brand.  He won the primaries.  It was unexpected.  Hell, he thought, I guess I might as well go up against Hillary.  It would improve his brand.  He won.  Totally unexpected.  Somewhere in his tiny, simian brain he had earlier thought “Surely they won’t actually be stupid enough to vote in a man who has no political experience and heads a business empire that would be a spectacular failure if it weren’t propped up by little but his gargantuan ego and baffling celebrity and the couple of actually competent people who’d managed to slip into his staff”.  But they did.  And here we all are watching one man basically tell the rest of the fucking world “You’re fired!”  (Or more crudely: “Fuck off!”)  Except they’re not accepting his dismissal.  And the frustration this causes him is hilariously agonising, or agonisingly hilarious, to watch.

So I guess I can sympathise if not empathise with him.  I have my own weaknesses and character flaws, as do we all.  The difference is I and many others who are not paranoid, delusional, megalomaniac narcissists, are discrete with our weaknesses and character flaws.  We admit them where necessary.  Deal with them.  Manage them.  Play instead to our strengths.  Whereas he plays to his weaknesses so relentlessly – and only in America could relentless indulgence of weakness prove so fruitful – that if the man has strengths, I have no goddamned idea what they are.  He might not know either, because in the upside down and inside out reality of the existence he’s crafted for and around himself, he actually seems to see his flaws and weaknesses as strengths.  I mean, it’s fucking sad – to use a word he enjoys abusing in his unappreciated, ironically Orwellian Tweeting.

So where to from here?  It’s hard to see for Trump.  (Plus to be honest, I don’t really care.)  If he’s not assassinated or impeached – the former being unlikely because all the assassinatey types are his supporters, and the latter because if he was under threat of being impeached he’d probably find a way to change the law so impeachment is impossible – I guess he’ll just get back to cashing in his dignity for more money and power.  Only he might not have any dignity left that he doesn’t manufacture in his own damaged mind after what will surely continue to be an entertainingly sad – there’s that word again – up to but hopefully not including four years (eight!?) in power.  And to repeat, to be honest, I don’t really care.  For the world?  Well hopefully we’ll all take a collective sigh of relief as Marine One takes him from the White House for the last time (or as he’s dragged through the streets and pelted with rotten tomatoes, then tarred and feathered and placed in a stockade for more tomato target practise for a while).

And ensure that an IGNORANT, EGOMANIACAL, NARCISSISTIC, HATEFUL, LYING, BIGOTED PSYCHOPATH IS NEVER AGAIN GIVEN THE POWER, THROUGH SUPPOSED DEMOCRACY, TO LITERALLY DESTROY THE HUMAN RACE!  Ahem.  I guess I’m reassured by the fact that his rise to power has emboldened his like-minded (magnanimous of me to refer to them as “minded” at all, no?).  Why?  Because if the world or at least the US, for starters, decides to vote into power men or women who actually wish to lead the human race to a better place – instead of divide us into easily controllable and perhaps crushable groups based on superficial barely recognisable differences – I know that their like-minded becoming emboldened will revolutionise the universe.  If Trump doesn’t get us all nuked in the meantime. . . .



7 thoughts on “Art of the Floating Crap

  1. I was meaning to read and comment on this before you did the same for me. Just to let you know.
    But anyway, here goes:
    I do believe Trump thought from the beginning he was in for a shot. While there was political advantage to his brand by just entering the contest, he has the ego to believe he had a legitimate chance. I’ve met several men of his type running for local government. They were generally sure that throwing money and effort and manipulation of the local rag media and scooter press would convince everyone of ‘THE MESSAGE’. The message being that candidate’s opinion and outlook of the world.
    These specific men I’m thinking of did not get in. Trump on a much larger and competitive scale somehow did. His resources were much more for one thing, but naturally much more was going on here.
    My first reaction to this criticism of Mr Trump is that there are so many ‘checks and balances’ in place against an American President. But then I think, ‘who told me that? Isn’t that a cliche? Are these checks and balances the same as they may have been 30 years ago? I don’t know.
    Trump is essentially a product of the cocaine driven ideals of the 1980s. These issues from then may not be questioned, but with these products being sold into the Internet driven millennial world with a new massive way of pushing a message, sale pitching and an entirely new two generations who have little awareness of that time, no comparison to then, note that its the voices who thrive and have been made rich of the youngest two generations that are most vocal against Mr Trump.
    Mr Trump is also doing what many local councils have increasingly seemed to do. And that is to dismiss the media’s reporting, and doing what it can to push the message to its consumers on its own.

    • Good addition to my sentiments. The checks and balances are there. That’s why the extremities of his agenda aren’t getting up. It’s the old “no man is an island” dilemma. Even if you’re super rich and powerful, someone or a group of people is going to frustrate your plans if you get out of line. Australia is more pragmatic and less subscriptive to identity politics. Which is, y’know, less entertaining than what’s happening in the US. But politics shouldn’t be entertaining per se.

      • Ha ha, yeah. Guess it depends on your definition of entertainment. I guess what I really meant is that policy should be less about ego and pointless bickering and more about, y’know, elected representatives actually doing their not that difficult when you really think about it jobs. Like we have to, else we’re fired.

      • See, what makes it interesting is the people can fire a Member of Parliament, but an unelected leader of a party can kick an MP out of a party, and the elected leader can kick a cabinet minister from a higher paid position and prestige.
        The best MPs are the ones that don’t give a crap about what their party line is, but that’s when the petty arguments come in.

      • Bit of a kicking contest ay.

        Dunno. I reckon group think is ok when the group has managed to come to the right decision. But very not ok when it doesn’t. Rebellious MPs like Christensen and to a much greater extent, which is saying something, Bernardi, are just shit stirrers. Shit being a very operative word in my opinion in their case.

      • Actually maybe it would have been more accurate of me to say Trump didn’t really mind whether he won or not, not that he neither intended nor expected to. I just feel like if I was him, I’d be thinking (in regard to his business practices and politics): “I can’t believe they keep buying this shit!”

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