Banging My Head Against A Biblical Wall – 2


2 thoughts on “Banging My Head Against A Biblical Wall – 2

  1. I’ve got to be careful here, because too much bluntness on my part, on your blog, is of course offensive and not cool. It’s like barging into your house.
    I actually feel she made a valid point, and laughing it off didn’t really do much to help in any form. It just represented disdain for the view you didn’t support.
    It’s fair enough that you have disdain for small minds that remain closed, and for paranoia and racism (ignoring the argument of Islam not being a race, but if I wasn’t, let’s replace racism with xenophobia).
    But why do you have disdain? the hypocrisy of it all?
    What if she had a point, not when it came to religious labels such as ‘christian values’, but a redefinition of our culture?
    I believe there is a redefinition of our culture, our core values (is value the right word here?) as a nature have eroded/changed/been replaced. I’m just not sure what they’ve been replaced by. Maybe muslims are lobbying and gaining influence. But then again, what group isn’t?
    A lot of rhetoric, I know. Rhetoric is for the weak without committing to a view that can be openly challenged, and I apologise slightly for this.

    • You can be as blunt as you like as long as you’re sincere. And informed, but that’s relative.

      Susie is an idiot. A deluded, hysterical one. The Muslim population of Australia is not even 2%.

      She definitely had a point. But an entirely invalid one. Religion like culture has changed a lot over the past about 10,000 years of human civilisation.

      Susie fears it will change in ways she doesn’t like or understand. She’s right to be afraid, because it changed years ago. She has no idea how much, yet she fears it’s changed much more than it actually has because she’s gleefully eaten up lies fed to her to control her.

      I’d feel sorry for her, if it wasn’t for the fact that it’s entirely her fault she’s allowed herself to be misguided.

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