Gratitude and Regret

In rehab, I attained sobriety but was abused. For the rest of my life I have to limit my contact with others as much as possible in order to avoid being abused. Most people are good. So am I. But I am different in other ways. People fear difference. And what people fear, they hate. … Continue reading Gratitude and Regret

My Problems with AA and NA

First of all, I'm autistic. If you don't understand why alcoholics and narcotics anonymous can be counter-productive for autistic people, you don't yet understand autism. And it's not the focus of this post. Secondly, the first of the 12 steps is admitting powerlessness over addiction. This is a cop out. We all have choices. Addiction … Continue reading My Problems with AA and NA

Video of Me

Not sure whether I'm being brave or foolish by posting this video. Note the way I flinch my eyes and abruptly move my cheek and mouth muscles around are facial tics - related to autism. As is the insomnia. Maybe I'll get in to "vlogging" lol. Then again, maybe not.

Shut-down Over

Finally. Six-ish days of torture, done. Now I'm "normal". A little anxious because I didn't sleep last night and I've had four or five coffees since about 4am but, otherwise, all's well. Shaved, showered, vaccumed my bedroom, washed my sheets and my clothes. The difference is incredible. And I felt it happening in real time, … Continue reading Shut-down Over