This is my second attempt at writing about ableism. The first one I wrote received ableist feedback, ironically. I'll try to keep this one simple and concise. The world is ableist by default. This is simply because most people are not autistic. So the way society operates tends to suit neurotypicals, but not autists. Any … Continue reading Ableism

Writing and Autism

From the point of view that writing, and more broadly an interest in English, is a special interest of mine I think I will stop soon. The problem is I'm not sure that I'm a very good writer, in an objective sense. Technically proficient, sure, but because of autism the awareness of social subtleties required … Continue reading Writing and Autism

Writing Anxiety

As much as writing is cathartic for me. As much as it's a special interest I don't want to let go of. Someone from Australia keeps randomly viewing multiple posts on my blog and it just worries me. What they're doing with the information. I've been conspired against before, in terms of my writing and … Continue reading Writing Anxiety

Scratched DVDs

Disability is marginalising. Financially, socially, in every way. I can work, but work involves social and sensory stimuli that can leave me periodically crippled. I'm currently applying for the disability support pension, but unless I can convince the government that I'm disabled enough, I won't receive it. The alternative is the job seeker welfare payment. … Continue reading Scratched DVDs