My Favourite Thing About Autism

Probably my favourite thing about autism is the hyperfixation. I don’t just play a video game or watch a TV show or movie. I'm virtually in them. I don’t just socialise with someone. I get inside their head and understand them better than they do. Even love. I don’t think I love like a neurotypical. … Continue reading My Favourite Thing About Autism


Working 15 to 20 hours per week. Staying on the disability support pension. Volunteering - at the Animal Welfare League and Mirikai (rehab) as a driver. I finally feel as though I've achieved a sustainably full life. It's still only been two or three months since my last "low functioning" period, in which I'm crippled … Continue reading Balance

The Simple Life

It's important. For autists. And for recovering addicts. In the case of the latter, distraction is also a useful tool but the problem with it is it doesn't necessarily solve the underlying issues of addiction. That requires counselling, constructive socialising, psychotherapy, and maybe rehabilitation. All of which makes life less simple, but still better than … Continue reading The Simple Life